Pavlok App

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pavlok app design dummies
early Pavlok app mockups from 2015

The big goal for Pavlok is an entire Pavlok App ecosystem. Since Pavlok is still a young company and is still changing based on their clients’ main feedback, this section here should be taken with a grain of salt, meaning:

  • some of the here mentioned aspects are forward looking statements,
  • and the description of the app’s functionality may not be up to date here on this info website around Pavlok

Therefore it’s important that you also visit the official Pavlok website where you will get the latest update in terms of the Pavlok app.

The goal of a complete Pavlok apps ecosystem is surely one of the big goals that Pavlok needs to chase.

What does the Pavlok app do right now? 

Below you will find a number of screen shots to give you an optical impression of what the app can do right now (as of November 2016):

Pavlok app: setup screen
Pavlok app setup
Pavlok app: choose a habit
choose a habit to break
Pavlok app: quit smoking
setup of ‘quit smoking’ habit
Pavlok app: goal overview
goal overview
Pavlok app: notifications
set notifications
Pavlok app: set the Shock Clock
set the Shock Clock
Pavlok app: home screen
home screen with overview
Pavlok app: remote control
remote control
Pavlok app: activity tracking
activity overview

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