How Tasha cut sugar with the Pavlok wristband, and goes to the gym now 5 times a week

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Tasha shows her pink Pavlok wristband that helped her to break a bad habit and to create a new good habit.
Can this wearable help break bad habits? Tasha says ‘yes!’

Tasha has had an issue with stopping to consume refined sugar for years. Here you will find out how the Pavlok wristband helped her to break this bad habit, and also to create a new good habit. 

Like many of us, Tasha has tried different approaches to quit the consumption of refined sugars. Nothing seemed to really help.

Then she decided to buy Pavlok, the wristband that you can use to give yourself an electric shock  in order to associate a bad habit with a negative stimulus.

Tasha states she was able to get rid of her sugar cravings after the first day of using the Pavlok wristband. This might sound like an exaggeration, but it does correspond with my own experience after day 1 (see my post about how I applied Pavlok for grinding my teeth).

3 weeks after not eating refined sugar anymore Tasha says she feels great. That’s even more the case because after her good experience with Pavlok to get rid of a bad habit, she tried to also use it to establish a good habit: to go to the gym regularly.

At the moment Tasha says she goes to the gym 5 times a week.

This is especially interesting because in the future the Pavlok wristband will be able to use GPS to locate you. This means: If you told Pavlok that you want to be in the gym on a certain day and a certain time, but you aren’t, then… bzzzzz… and also your friends on facebook may be able to see that you aren’t doing what you should be doing and… bzzzz….. 🙂

Fun times ahead for the people that are looking for a wearable that not only tracks their activity, but actually helps them to get rid of bad habits and to establish good habits.

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Picture credit: Pavlok

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