The Pavlok Indiegogo campaign started!

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September 30, 2014: It’s finally here: the Pavlok crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Below you’ll some important facts about it.

Looking at the massive amount of press that Pavlok has received so far, although still some 6 months or so away from its official launch, it is now surprise that the interest in Pavlok us huge.

Today Maneesh Sethi and the Pavlok team finally launched the crowdfunding campaign. Not even one day has passed and the special offer (Pavlok for just US$ 99 for the first 100 people who back Pavlok with US$ 99) is already gone, plus more than US$ 10,000 have been raised already. The goal: US$ 50,000. And still 31 days left! My bet is: the goal will be reached easily. My guess: it will end up collecting around US$ 150-200k.

So, now that the special offer is gone: what perks are left? As you can see on their crowdfunding website there are different perks left, including getting the Pavlok wearable for US$ 129. They call it the ‘almost-as-early-bird’. It’s a good offer, I’d say, considering the fact that they say they will well it later for US$ 199. Here an overview of the perks:

pavlok indiegogo crowdfunding perks

As one of the people who have volunteered to be a beta tester starting sometime this fall, I am a tiny bit ‘annoyed’ by these prices, given the fact that I paid US$ 249 for the Alpha tester device which is supposed to still have some software bugs. Hmmm… so I am helping the Pavlok team to bring a super product to the market which in turn will hopefully help to increase sales, and there I am paying US$ 249 (plus US$ for international shipping) for the device that some got for US$ 99 and some more for US$ 129. OK, the wristband of my Pavlok activity tracker will be 3D printed. Uuuuhhhh… plus: there is the advantage of being really one of the first ones to be able to actually have, use and test one – about 6+ months early than the rest, given the plans of finally launching Pavlok around April 2015. If it turns out to be a successful product (is Apple interested in Pavlok?), then I can say that helped to do so. Maybe that will look good on my CV… 😉

OK, the more I think about it, maybe it wasn’t the worst idea to pay more to be an Alpha tester and it’s worth the money.

Here a short video from the crowdfunding launch:

[UPDATE: Pavlok reaches US$ 100,000 Indiegogo, after just 4 day]

What’s your thought about the info you see on Indiegogo, and especially the potential of Pavlok as a ‘blockbuster’? Have your say in the comments below.