Pavlok wristbands are shipping right now!

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Finally, after two years of development and work and months of manufacturing, bug testing, and late nights at the office, the Pavlok team is FINALLY shipping out Pavloks at high speed. This week, they shipped 200 a day! 

The Pavlok team is catching up on all of the pre-orders, so anyone (US-based) who buys today will ship at the end of the month! International will come shortly after.

Here’s the heart of Pavlok (surrounded by the mess created by the team being in the office every night until 10PM getting shipments packaged):

Pavlok processor image 1

Then they get assembled and quality tested:

Pavlok getting tested image 1

Here is what they look like once they’ve been quality tested and they’re waiting to be packaged:

Pavlok unit image 1

They put them into the box, with the documentation and the evidence.

Pavlok box image 1

Here’s what the full box looks like:

Pavlok box closed image 1

Here are a few colored bands:

Pavlok colored bands 1

Here’s a quick unboxing video which Maneesh Sethi, the company founder, made. He needs to shave… 🙂

They then package them up:

Pavlok packaging process 1

They print out shipping labels for customers in the order they purchased their Pavlok:

Pavlok label printing 1

Here is 190 waiting to be picked up for shipment:

Pavlok for shipment 1

And the final step is that the Pavlok team calls the post office who sends a truck to come pick them up:

Pavlok for shipment 2

Starting just this week, the Pavlok team is shipping at a rate of over 200 Pavloks every day. They’ve shipped to over 750 customers already, and they’re excited to be shipping to almost everyone by the end of October!

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