Pavlok Watch Clip (device add-on)

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The team at Pavlok is known for listening to what their users have to say. That’s why Pavlok has come up with a useful ad-on: the Pavlok Watch Clip. 

So far it was necessary to wear both your watch and your Pavlok (in case you are wearing a watch, or are the owner of a Pavlok wearable).

This is now history because the Pavlok team came up with the Watch Clip. This gives you the possibility to simply clip the Pavlok module on to your watch. Nice! It’s made of silicone that’s conductive. This means it can be attached to any watchband while still delivering the  zap or vibration stimuli as if you were wearing the wristband itself.

This is what it looks like:

image of Pavlok Watch Clip add-on
image source: Pavlok