Pavlok vs. activity tracker: what’s the difference?

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Pavlok: what's the difference with other wearables?

If you are wondering about the difference between the Pavlok wristband and a general activity tracker, such as Fitbit, jawbone etc, let us quickly look at the differences. Spoiler alert: They are significant! 

Pavlok is not a simple activity tracker. The goal of the Pavlok wearable is not (so much) to track your activity, as is the case with other activity trackers such as Fitbit etc. The latter ones track activity mostly in connection to personal health/fitness. Pavlok can indeed also track some of your activity. For example: Let’s suppose you have the bad habit of scratching your face too many times and you want to break that bad habit. If you enable the respective option in the Pavlok app, your Pavlok can sense if you raise your hand to your face and leave it there longer than usual. Then it would punish you with a shock.

With Pavlok it’s all about getting rid of bad habits, while with a regular activity tracker it’s more about creating the good habit of working out in one way or the other. As you can see, that’s a different goal.

The range of bad habits you can break is big, and more and more bad habits are being added to the already extensive list of bad habits that Pavlok users have broken, ranging from quitting smoking to avoiding junk food.