Pavlok Volts: a new currency?

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Rumor has it that the CEO of Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, is working on a ‘cryptocurrency’. That is: a sort of a non official currency that exists next to our regular currency. The currency is supposed to be called ‘Volts’ (of course). 

What exactly it will be is unclear at the time of this writing, except that Volts are supposed to be released as an in-app points system inside the Pavlok Core App, mid to late July 2017.

Another aspect known at this point is that, without knowing it, existing Pavlok users supposedly have already earned ‘Volts’ while using their Pavlok device.

Sethi wants to change the world, one (good or bad) habit at a time. And earning money for creating a good habit or getting rid of a bad habit which can then be spent for other things… the idea itself sounds appealing.

Source of the above written is a Facebook post by Sethi himself.

Further updates will follow as soon as they are available. Stay tuned.

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