Pavlok wins Shopify contest & gets invited to Branson’s Necker Island

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Crazy stuff! The Pavlok team won the 2015 Shopify ‘Build a Business Competition’ in the technology category. Award: an invitation to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island where the team will meet not only Branson but also other high calibers (and potential investors/backers?) such as best selling author and angel investor Tim Ferriss or Daymond John from “Shark Tank”. 

The trip will take place in September 2015. For sure this will be a great opportunity for this still young Boston startup to win some influencers, if not investors (who knows).

Together with the representatives of five other companies who were the winners in other product categories, Maneesh Sethi, the inventor of Pavlok, will fly with a private jet to Necker Island in order to represent the Pavlok team.

The 5 day stay will surely be a great opportunity for networking and some mentoring by those big names in business.

Two thumbs up, Pavlok team!

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Latest news about Pavlok >>>