Pavlok Shock Clock

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Pavlok Shock Clock App Sleep Tracking

What’s the Pavlok Shock Clock?

The Shock Clock is the 2. product by Pavlok. You can Pre-order the Shock Clock here (sorry, at the moment no discount-code works for this product)

According to Maneesh Sethi, the founder of Pavlok, the wake up function of the full version of the Pavlok wristband is the most used function in terms of getting rid of bad habits (in this case: not getting up on time and hitting snooze all the time). Therefore the idea for the Pavlok Shock Clock was born. The goal: to create the world’s best alarm clock.

What followed was a massively successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo for the Pavlok Shock Clock. 2800 people backed the product idea.

Here’s a 3,5 minute video that was used during the IndieGoGo campaign and which explains the concept (including some Pavlok testimonials):


What’s the difference between the Pavlok Shock Clock and the regular Pavlok wristband?

Very good question! 😉

Basically, the main difference is that the Shock Clock is exclusively that: a wristband that will shock you to get rid of the bad habit of oversleeping. It does not have any other functions.

While the regular Pavlok wristband does have some limited alarm clock functions, Shock Clock takes it to a whole new level.

So, if you already have the full version of Pavlok, you will be glad to know that Shock Clock and the full version are compatible. You don’t need the fully version and just need the Shock Clock? Here you can get it >>

Who is the Pavlok Shock Clock for?

That’s a question that is easy to answer: people that are notoriously late due to not getting out of bed in time.

But very likely there are other use case scenarios as well, like setting the shock so you don’t forget about appointments while you are actually awake, not asleep.

Surely there will be some good ideas popping up that will be discussed in the Pavlok online community.

Never Hit Snooze Again!

The Pavlok Shock Clock App

In a sneak preview, the Pavlok team shared some images that give you an impression of what the app will look like. The images are rather self explaining, so it’s likely that the app and in the end the device will be easy to handle.

Here some features that you can see from the images below:

  • invite accountability partners
  • sleep reminder and sleep tracking
  • goal setting and following of your progress
  • different ways of waking up (e.g. zap+vibration+beep)
  • multi-zap function
  • snooze zap (if you hit snooze)
  • snooze lock (in order to avoid the imminent zap, you need to get out of bed and do jumping jacks!)

Pavlok Shock Clock App

Pavlok Shock Clock App Alarm

Pavlok Shock Clock App Alarm Extras

Pavlok Shock Clock App Snooze Lock


You can also check out this quick 1 minute video about how setting the alarm in the Shock Clock works:

When is the Shock Clock available?

The Pavlok Shock Clock wearable is under pre-order (mid Sept. 2016).

An early build of the app will be available for iOS by Sept 30th, 2016. Andoid users will have it available a bit earlier.

The actual launch of the device will probably be during October 2016.

Pavlok Shock Clock price?

Okay, how much does the Shock Clock cost? While the full version of the Pavlok wristband costs between $169 – $199 (depending on whether there’s a special offer available), the Pavlok Shock Clock costs $99. Sounds good, ehh?! Never hit snooze Again! Get it here in black/red/pink or blue>>

Shock Clock discount

Like for the regular Pavlok device, the Pavlok team may (or may not) offer a discount code, at least every once in a while. (sorry, at the moment no discount-code works for this product…)

Whenever there is such a discount for the Shock Clock available, you will be able to find it here on this Pavlok info website.

Both the full version of Pavlok and the Shock clock come with a sensational six-months money back/satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Fun fact at the end:

While the full version was not a really big sucess in Japan, it seems the Japanese are looking forward to the Shock Clock. Whatever the underlying reasons may be for this fact, Japan showed the biggest support in terms of number of backers during the Shock Clock IndieGoGo campaign.

The Pavlok team was actually made aware of the fact that the Shock Clock was demonstrated on a Japanese TV show, during prime time! The team was able to create a 1 minute version of the 10 minute product test on Japanese TV. Please note that the Japanese ‘testers’ exaggerated regarding the strength of the zap, obviously for the sake of making their audience laugh 🙂

Here’s the video!

Please note:

By the time of this writing, the Pavlok Shock Clock was not yet officially released. It may be that some of the features of the final product are slightly different by the time you read this, also because the features may change over time. For a full overview of the very latest features of the Pavlok Shock Clock you can look here.