Pavlok on Shark Tank: get the $20 discount while it’s still available!

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Maneesh Sethi, the inventor of the Pavlok wristband and CEO of the company behind the electro shock wearable, today announced in an email once more their presence on Shark Tank (on 5/20). And he also made a prediction regarding the sales of Pavlok which might have an affect on the available Pavlok discount coupon. 

While Sethi is super excited about the fact that his appearance on Shark Tank will finally be on air (it was recorded already last September), he didn’t spoil if any of the sharks actually invested in Pavlok. He rather asked his readers: “Which Shark do you think would be the best match for Pavlok?”.

It’s probably safe to say that not only one of the Sharks was actually interested in investing in the Pavlok wearable. After all, by the time the show was recorded, the Pavlok team already had actual sales to show, as well as big media coverage etc. Another indicator that the outcome of the appearance on Shark Tank was something very positive is the fact that Sethi and the Pavlok team will organize a ‘Pavlok on Shark Tank viewing party’ that day. So, if you are in Boston, you can join the party.

Here some info about the party from the Pavlok facebook page:

Pavlok Shark Tank viewing party

Now, what does that have to do with the Pavlok discount?

Sethi predicts in his email that they will sell “a ton” of Pavlok devices, and that because of that there will be “a long waiting time due to backorders”. From his email:

Pavlok Shark Tank discount announcement

The way he writes this, it could mean that they will deactivate the $20 discount on the day of the Shark Tank episode and for some time after that. From a business point of view this makes sense. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you get your own Pavlok $20 cheaper, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy one now.