The Pavlok motion detector

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Recently the Pavlok wristband got an upgrade. It can now detect your hand motion. This is especially useful if you want to break a bad habit that involves your hand touching your face longer than necessary. As you may know, this habit can be really annoying  

Motion detection: what does that mean?

For example, there are people who scratch their face excessively; others play with their beard all the time; and others… well, they have the bad habit of poking their nose (way too many times).

There is an option inside the updated Pavlok app which allows you to enable the specific option. Once enabled, Pavlok understands if your hand is raised and stays there longer than a usual quick motion towards your face would take (e.g. in order to quickly scratch your head, or fight off a fly). If this is the case, you will receive an electric shock. It is triggered after about 2 -3 seconds.

Of course, you can always disable this motion detector whenever this makes sense, e.g. while you are driving your car (which would otherwise also result in an electric shock, because Pavlok realizes the raised hands while they are on the steering wheel).

Let’s not forget that the purpose of Pavlok is not necessarily to shock yourself 24/7. In the beginning (the first days) you should start with an active aversion therapy, by shocking yourself actively and immediately while you are deliberately ding the bad habit.