Pavlok in the News

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Already way before the official launch, Pavlok was a massively talked about device – not only in the US but also in countries such as Argentina, Germany, or Russia.

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Out of the thousands of articles that have been written so far, here is a very tiny selection of news articles by known websites that might be of interest:

And last but not least, Medical Daily wonders if Pavlok is “the best fitness tracker ever“.

Here you can see a short compilation of TV channels that have talked about Pavlok

(video source: Youtube)

ABC News

(video source: Youtube)

ABC Boston

(video source: Youtube)

But not only the News talks about Pavlok, also scientists. See here the Facebook comment by Dan Ariely, professor for psychology and behavioral economics, as well as best selling author whose talks on TED have been watched almost 5 million times:

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