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Here you will find some frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions. Please note: This is not the official Pavlok website, but an independent information website. Therefore there is no guarantee for completeness or correctness of the information on this website. The product and the company are still in an early stage, therefore changes are very likely (for example regarding features). If you want to make sure you have the latest info, always consult the official Pavlok website here.

When will be Pavlok available?
Pavlok is available and you can buy it on the official Pavlok website here >>>

What’s the idea behind Pavlok?
Find the information to this question under ‘The Story behind Pavlok’.

How much does Pavlok cost?
The Pavlok device + wristband costs US$ 199,-. This is more expensive than other activity trackers / fitness trackers. But then again: Pavlok is so much more than ‘just’ an activity tracker. Sometimes you can find a Pavlok discount code.

Does it come in different colors?
Yes, there are different options you can choose from in the Pavlok online store here >>>

What is included in the price?
The basics are the actual Pavlok device, a wristband with the color you prefer and a Micro-USB cable.

How is Pavlok different from any other activity tracker / fitness tracker?
You will find this question answered under ‘Pavlok vs. activity tracker: what’s the difference?’.

Which habits will I be able create/get rid of with Pavlok?
You will find this question answered under ‘Pavlok App’.

Will I have to wear Pavlok forever?
No, that is not the goal. The Pavlok wristband wants to help you to create good habits, or to get rid of bad habits. Therefore, how long and often you wear the device depends on how quickly you reach your goal. If after that you want to set new goals, you are welcome to do so. Some habits are easier to establish/get rid of than others.

How can the device know where I am, what I am doing, and that I am not cheating?
First of all, when you use Pavlok you need to be serious about why you are using it. If you are just trying to find ways to ‘outsmart’ the device, then you’ll simply lose out an opportunity to become the person you want to be. But if you are serious about that, then Pavlok will be connected to the Bluetooth of your smartphone (iOS, Android). Thus the GPS function for example will be able to recognize if you are indeed at the gym at the time you said you would be.

Is the electric shock of Pavlok painful?
This is surely a question which many people are interested in. It depends on the amount of Volts that will be used. The inventor of Pavlok answered the question “Is the shock safe?” with: “Absolutely! The circuit is complete on your skin, and the voltage / amperage is not enough to hurt you”. It will definitely give you enough “jolt” to make you think twice if you want to miss that appointment at the gym again 😉

On the Pavlok website you see also this image:

Pavlok Pain O Meter
image: Pavlok

Can the electric shock of Pavlok be harmful, or even deadly?
According to the inventor (Maneesh Sethi), it can not hurt or damage you in any way (see also the above question) and there’s a lot of safeguards. It’s like the static shock you feel when you run with your socks on the floor and get an electric shock when you touch an iron door knob (as user of a Pavlok I can confirm that). Watch the inventor talk about this aspect in the below video (the video should start at the correct time stamp when you press Play, if not: fast forward to 21:24, watch until 22:07)

Who should not use the Pavlok wearable (e.g. for health reasons)?
If you fear or are uncertain that there might be any health or other issues using the Pavlok wristband, especially in regards to the electric shock, you should always consult your medical doctor first. It is your sole responsibility to use the device.

How long is the electric shock?
It’s not a continuous shock, but it lasts just a short moment.

I like the idea behind Pavlok, but don’t like to be shocked. Arent’ there other ways? 
Yes, there are. Using the electro shock is just one possible way. Apart from that you can also use other ‘punishment’, such as beeping, vibrating, automated posts to your Facebook wall, monetary penalties… Choose whatever feature helps you most to stick to your goal of creating a good habit or of getting rid of a bad one.

Is there an API for developers?
Click here for different Pavlok API docs.

Why do I need Pavlok? I have enough will power
See how Maneesh Sethi, the inventor of Pavlok, answers this question in the above embedded video (fast forward to 14:00, watch until 15:05).

Which habits can be worked on directly with Pavlok?
You will find the answer under ‘Pavlok App’.

If I take off my Pavlok wristband, I won’t get shocked. So I can easily escape the punishment for not sticking to a goal. What’s the point of buying Pavlok then?
Exactly, what’s the point then of buying the wristband if you are considering this option. If you buy the wristband it makes sense to not take it off, until you have established the habit you set out to establish. Apart from that, Pavlok will have a built in ‘human detect’ function which recognizes if you wear it or not. If you are really serious about creating good habits, then you will have made a real commitment, e.g. that if you don’t wear it when you should you transfer money to your ex-girlfriend, or a charity you loathe 😉

Will it be compatible with other software, such as Apple’s HealthKit?
Yes, that’s the plan.

What are the technical specifications of the wristband?

  • Activity/Sleep Tracking: accelerometer tracks your steps, activity and sleeping patterns
  • Realtime haptic feedback: vibration, sound, and LEDs act as behavioral triggers and notifiers
  • Human Detection: Pavlok knows when you are wearing it
  • Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0: Bluetooth 4.0 saves energy and connects seamlessly
  • Shock Circuit: a static shock circuit delivers up to 340V of electric current (adjustable)
  • Adjustable wristband
  • Charging through Micro-USB cable (included)
  • light weight device (just a few ounces)
  • easy to set up

Technical details may change over the course of time, please find all up to date info on the official Pavlok website here >>>

How long will the battery last? 
A typical user of the Pavlok wristband should be able to go 4 days without having to recharge the wristband. This means that up to 200 electric shocks should be possible before the device runs out of battery.

Is the device waterproof?
Don’t use it while you’re swimming or in the bathtub. This is a feature which might come at some point.

Does the App work both for iOS and Android?

What else will is planned for the Pavlok App?
Pavlok wants to be a whole ecosystem of apps. Therefore it intends to be not just for fitness etc, but for basically any trackable data source, such as RescueTime, duoLingo, github, Trello,…

Are there Pavlok reviews?
Yes, there are. See a collection on this website under Pavlok Testimonials.
More questions? Write them in the comment field below and I will try to find answers for you!


Interested in getting your own Pavlok wristband and becoming a better version of yourself? Get more info about it on the Pavlok website >>>