Pavlok crowdfunding a full success

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On Nov. 29, 2014 the Pavlok crowdfunding campaign ended, and it ended as a big success.

Almost exactly 2 months funders could support the Pavlok wristband during the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. I am not sure which expectations the Pavlok team itself had (although I believe I read on the inventor’s website in a blog post beginning of the year that he was aiming for $1 million). But either way, it can be considered a success. This applies for sure of you compare their initial goal of $50,000 to the final amount they could raise. See the below screenshot from the IndieGoGo campaign:

Pavlok wristband crowdfuning final result
final result of the crowdfunding campaign

508% of the initial goal, not bad! Congratulations to the Pavlok team!

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