Meet Pavlok at the CES 2016

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The Pavlok team will be exhibiting at the largest technology event of the world:  the Consumer Electronics Summit in Las Vegas. If you’re there and have been following Pavlok, then this is your chance to meet the Pavlok team face to face. 

Exhibiting at the CES is surely a major milestone in the still relatively young history of Boston, MA based startup Pavlok. Not only will the Pavlok team be showcasing their Pavlok wearabe. They will also be revealing and demoing the upcoming “secret plans” of Pavlok. Visitors will also learn what will be coming in the next 3-6 months. As the Pavlok team says: “You don’t want to miss it!”

You can find Pavlok in the wearables section at Eureka Park at CES 2016. Here’s a floor plan for you:

Pavlok Eureka Park CES 2016

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