5 Day Habit Change Master Course with Pavlok (plus: sneak Peak of the Pavlok App)

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No doubt: the app environment which the Pavlok team is having in mind can be a game changer for breaking bad habits and for creating good habits. That’s why the Pavlok team around Maneesh Sethi is working really hard in order to get this going. 

The owners of a Pavlok prototype now get access to the beta app for iOS. This app is pretty much a remote control. With it you can make adjustments to the strength and shock of your Pavlok wearable. Of course, much more awesome features are under development.

In May, the Pavlok team plans to release the core app. Here you can already find a sneak peak of it. You can get an idea of it by using the example of the

5 Day Habit Change Master Course

The goal at Pavlok is to help you make big and lasting change in your life, no matter if that means waking up on time,quitting a bad habit,increasing your productivity at work or getting to the gym more. It’s scientifically proven that shock devices can help the majority of people change their behaviour in 5 sessions or less. But the Pavlok team isn’t satifsied with just a 65% success rate, they have the eager goal of 100%. In order to achieve that the Pavlok team is working continuously on the features and services to help.

When you start with a Pavlok device, you will start with a 5 Day Habit Change Course. It’s designed to get you started on your journey of change and to master how to use the Pavlok wearable.

Below you see an image that shows you the basics of how the device works. This includes daily video and audio modules. It also includes interactions and tasks which will customize the experience with Pavlok for you.

Pavlok app sneak peak 1

Habit Specific Courses To Help You Make Your Change

Once you complete the master course you can dive into the additional courses and features of the app. This next image shows the interface for adding habit specific courses. e.g., “quit smoking now” or “do yoga 3x per week”.

Pavlok app sneak peak 2

A Master Control Panel For Your Device

With these settings you can control the behaviour of the shock, vibration and beep technology. Example: by default Pavlok is “one activation one shock”, but you can enable “habit breaker mode” to receive a random output of shocks and vibrations. This supercharges your change by making sure you don’t become desensitized to the single shock.

Pavlok app sneak peak 3

Total Control Of Shock Strength

This last image shows the new interface for adjusting the intensity of shock and other sensations. If you are new to shock training you could start with a low voltage at 10% to 25%, and when you are ready you can push it all the way up to 100%.

Pavlok app sneak peak 4

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