The Pavlok “5 Days Habit Change Program”

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5 Days Habit Change Program Pavlock

When you own a Pavlok wristband, you also get access to the “5 Days Habit Change Program” that comes with the Pavlok app. It will help you to tackle your bad habit better. Let’s have a quick look at this here. 

When you open your Pavlok app you will see ‘Courses’ as the first option. Click that and you will see 2 options: ‘Introduction Course’ and ‘Bad Habits’

Pavlok 5 Days Habit Change options

Introduction Course

If you click ‘Introduction Course’, you will get to the introduction for new users to the world of Pavlok. This is basically the the main “5 Days Habit Change Program”. Each day, you get to listen to a downloadable audio file which will teach you the critical aspects to breaking your bad habit. With each day that you complete, you will unlock the next day.

Pavlok 5 Day Habit Program: Introduction

Bad Habits

After you have gone through the Introduction Course’, you can go and tackle a bad habit. The Pavlok app currently actively supports you with a course for 2 bad habits: snacking and smoking.

The concept behind the 2 courses is the same as in the introduction course: each day you unlock the next day’s session. The ‘quitting snacking’ course will take 5 days, and 9 days the ‘quitting smoking’ course.

Quit Snacking

Pavlok 5 Days Habit Change: Snacking

Quit Smoking

Pavlok 5 Days Habit Change: Quit Smoking

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