How Pavlok works

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Become the person you want to be, and let Pavlok help you along the way. Sounds good, but how does it intend to help us with that?

With Pavlok you will have the possibility to choose from a range of goals that you want to accomplish, such as getting up earlier to get more done, go to the gym everyday to become fit, be more productive etc. According to the Pavlok team, the possibilities will be endless**.

Let’s suppose your ultimate goal is to lose weight and build up muscle mass. In this case, your goal would be to exercise regularly.

The Pavlok App will help you to break down the goal into actions that you can easily manage. Although Pavlok is not a classical activity tracker, it does have the capability to track what you do (are you really exercising?) or where you are (are you really at the gym?) through some built-in technology such as an accelerometer, a GPS, etc.

There will be reminders and behavioural triggers that will give real-time haptic feedback through vibration, or other feedback such as LEDs that will light up, or feedback in the form of (annoying) sound. If all that won’t work to get up and go to the gym, there is one more special feature that Pavlok provides: a shock circuit that can give you an electric shock of up to 340V of electric current.

how does Pavlok work

“What, an electric shock? That’s crazy!”

If that is what you are thinking now, you won’t be alone. Yet: sometimes crazy simply works.

The electric shock functionality will be deeply connected to the subject of accountability. Therefore, Pavlok will also be able to post automatic status updates on your Facebook wall, after you connected the device with your Facebook account. If you fail to go to the gym at the time you should be there, a status message such as the following can appear on your Facebook wall:

Pavlok facebook status message

Your friends who see this message will be able to send you a real-time ‘motivator’, in the form of the above mentioned electric shock.

Some people might not need to go this route, but might be fine with simply having the real type of motivator. This can be in the form of an incentive, e.g. a monetary reward that you get for reaching your goal, or having to pay a certain amount of money to a society/charitable organization that you loathe. Another type of motivator can be to be accountable to a friend or to someone who also uses Pavlok and with whom you can hook up to create a team where each one motivates and keeps the other accountable. Because, more often than not, willpower alone just isn’t enough (this statement is backed by our own experiences, meaning the many failed attempts to make lasting changes, as well as by our yearly and ever repeating New Year’s resolutions).

This is how Pavlok wants to help you to start your transformation to become the person you want to be.

Habit hacking with Pavlok: what studies show

** In how far the possibilities with Pavlok will  indeed be endless will surely also depend on the Pavlok App ecosystem which comes with the Pavlok wristband. On the one hand, the Pavlok team itself will continuously enlarge the bandwidth of goals you can reach within the app, but also developers will be able to create new apps to be used with Pavlok.

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