Your chance to get Pavlok for free!

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pavlok wristband design

While preparing for the official launch of Pavlok, the team around Maneesh Sethi gives you a chance to get the Pavlok device and other goodies for free!

Of course, while working towards the official launch, the Pavlok team wants the word to be spread as much as possible. While the activity tracker has already received an incredible amount of press coverage, there can never be enough talking about a product – right?

So, what Maneesh and his team invite you to do is to spread the word among your friends. By doing so you will be able to win even your own Pavlok device. And it’s not that hard, actually!

Here’s how it goes:

  • Click the following link (will open a new tab in your browser): Pavlok Prelaunch
  • At the Prelaunch page, enter your email
  • Take the unique link that was created just for you
  • Share with the world.
  • Be creative and enhance the outreach of your link to increase your chances to win a Pavlok device (it’s estimated that it will sell for US$ 149,00 once officially launched)

The more people who follow your example and also sign up, the better are your chances.

Here’s what you can win:

pavlok activity tracker for free

Interested in leveraging your network and win your very own ‘shocking’ Pavlok wristband? Go ahead, support the Pavlok Prelaunch!