Entrepreneurship interview with the founder of Pavlok

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Maneesh Sethis, the founder of Pavlok, got the chance to talk with Pat Flynn over at smartpassiveincome.com about Pavlok. 

If you are not only interested in Pavlok because you want to get rid of a bad habit, but f you also want to know more about the story behind Pavlok itself (especially in terms of entrepreneurship), then this is something for you.

Maneesh shared with Pat how he created Pavlok from scratch. You’ll also learn how he built the hardware without being a programming expert himself, which problems he wants to solve with the Pavlok wristband, as well as the road blocks he had to overcome along the way.

Click the image below and it will take you straight to the interview on smartpassiveincome.com

Pavlok's Maneesh Sethi interviewed by Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com