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As a matter of transparency, I think it is important to cover a couple of topics I would want to know about when visiting a website. The Pavlok wristband is not my own product. You can learn how I came to know about it here. Regardless, I do promote and provide information on the product here and any links to it will result in compensation to me should you purchase the product. I built this site because I think the Pavlok wristband is a fascinating product, not in the first place to make money. Nonetheless, I want to make sure you understand there is a relationship. Since summer 2015 (after setting up this website) I am also an investor in Pavlok.

Medical Disclaimer

The Pavlok Device described herein can apply electrical shocks as part of its functionality. You should closely read and apply the information supplied by the Pavlok manufacturer here prior to purchasing or using the product to make sure doing so is both warranted and can be done in a safe manner.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Best Wishes!

David Altmann