Can Pavlok help to avoid eating junk food?

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Here’s a short video of Maneesh Sethi, the inventor of Pavlok, talking about and showing his plans of how he intends to use Pavlok for not eating junk food. 

Should the Pavlok wearable indeed be able to help to avoid eating junk food, this would be surely a major breakthrough for the usefulness of the device. Of course, as long as it requires the user to get actively involved (by shocking him/herself), there will always be some doubts wether this will work or not.

Another announcement along those lines could be found on Maneesh Sethi’s facebook page:

Pavlok wristband success diet junk food
Is it possible to change one’s dieting habits with Pavlok?

David, the person Maneesh is chatting with here, is the same person that could be seen in a recent Pavlok sucess story video.

Want to learn more about Pavlok and the successful Indiegogo campaign? Check this out!

What’s your opinion: thumbs up or down for this feature? How would you tackle this challenge of changing the junk food habit? Have your say in the comment section below.