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Pavlok Wristbands Now Come In Colors!

Pavlok wristband colors 07 2015Many of us Pavlok fans have asked, and now they are available: colored wristbands for the production version are available for pre-order in four new colors: blue, red, slate gray and pink.

In the image above you can see what the colors look like.

Note: The red and pink are photos of samples based on the prototype wristband, because the Pavlok team couldn’t get the colors to look perfect in renderings. The blue and gray are much more accurate. If you choose red or pink, they will be production wristbands, not the prototypes shown in the photos.

Every Pavlok ships with a black wristband. Grab a second (or third) wristband here >>>

The Pavlok team will begin shipping in August in the order of who ordered theirs first!