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Pavlok wristband Sept 2015

You have read the content of this website and are now interested in buying Pavlok, so that it supports you in becoming the best possible version of yourself? Great!

You can order your very own Pavlok through the official Pavlok website and the Pavlok online store.

How much does Pavlok cost? 

The cost for the Pavlok wristband is $ 199. There is also a payment plan that allows you to pay 3 x $ 69 instead of the whole amount at once.

By the way: Pavlok offers a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee! So you can order, test and if you aren’t happy with the results of getting rid of bad habits or creating good habits, then you can get your money back. Nice!

Pavlok –

buy it now in the Pavlok online store! 

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.