Should you buy Pavlok on Amazon or the Pavlok online shop?

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If you are interested in buying the Pavlok wristband to fight bad habits with electric shock (based on the Pavlovian behavior conditioning), you have the choice of buying Pavlok on Amazon or the Pavlok online shop. Is there any difference, and if so which? 

First, let’s look at the following question:

Is there a price difference between Pavlok on amazon and the Pavlok online shop?

The short answer is: yes and no.

At first sight you will see that in both cases the regular price for the Pavlok wristband is $199 (well, actually on Amazon you pay $0.99 less…). See the below screenshots as proof.


Pavlok amazon price


Pavlok website

Pavlok price online shop


At the time of this writing, Pavlok is offering the wristband for a reduced price, that is: down to $179.99 as you can see in the below screenshot which was taken from the Pavlok website:

Pavlok price with discount on website 06 2016

Already this makes it much more interesting to order the wristband from the Pavlok website. Of course, only the Pavlok team knows if this discount will stay forever, or if this is only for a limited time. To be sure, you should check the Pavlok website.

If you are interested in buying a Pavlok wristband, then the good news doesn’t stop here. Please continue reading.

Which brings us to the following, important question:

Does it make a difference if I order my Pavlok from Amazon or through the Pavlok website?

The answer is: Indeed, there can be a significant difference.

Why is that?

Because every now and then you can find a Pavlok discount coupon (<— check out under this link if such a coupon is available) which can get you the Pavlok wristband up to $20 or even 15% cheaper (which would be a nice discount of $20.00 – $30.00, depending on the height of the discount and the starting price of the Pavlok wristband). These coupon codes are not available on or valid for Amazon.

Payment plan

Interestingly enough, when you buy the Pavlok wristband through the Pavlok website you can also make use of the payment plan which is offered there. Here’s how that works:

When you buy your Pavlok wristband, you will be charged $85 as first payment for the wristband, plus an additional $10 for the shipping. And after one month you will be charged the same again. Please be aware that shipping costs differ based on the target country. You can see the shipping rates that apply to your country upon check out, when you are ready to buy the wristband.

big discount for a 2. Pavlok

Another interesting aspect here is that when you order through the Pavlok website you might get the following special offer for a 2. Pavlok device (this popup may appear upon checkout when you’re ready to pay, but since it says that it’s a limited time offer you may not be given that option anymore by the time you buy):

Pavlok discount second device

Are there shipping costs involved for the Pavlok wristband?


When you buy the wearable on, the following terms apply:

“All orders of $49 or more of eligible items across any product category also qualify for FREE Shipping. With free shipping, your order will be delivered 5-8 business days after all of your items are available to ship, including pre-order items.” (source:

Which means: no shipping costs will occur. Important: this applies only if the device gets shipped to a U.S. address. For other countries, other shipping terms may apply. You can check for your country by going through the order process, selecting your country and then you should see also the relevant info about shipping costs to your country.

on the Pavlok website

If you order through the Pavlok website, there are indeed shipping costs. If you want your Pavlok to be shipped to an address in the USA, then $10 will have to be added to the cost of the device. What about Canada? A test showed that Canada is considered international shipping, and therefore the ‘International Shipping Fee’ applies.

International shipping costs

If you want your Pavlok device to be shipped to any country other than the USA, then international shipping costs will apply. At the time of this writing, the standard cost for international shipping seems to be $27.50 (even for far away Australia this cost applies).

Let’s quickly look at a real world example for sending a Pavlok to a U.S. address versus sending it o an international address. In both cases you will be able to see the price with and without the Pavlok discount code:

U.S. address

This would be the cost for a Pavlok device without any discount code applied, but with U.S. shipping costs:

Pavlok cost US shipping before discount

You can then enter the discount code that you see in the screenshot:

Pavlok cost US shipping enter discount code

Once you clicked ‘Apply’, you should see the following final price:

Pavlok cost US shipping after discount

international address

This would be the cost for a Pavlok device without any discount code applied, but with international shipping costs:

order Pavlok discount international shipping 1

You can then enter the discount code that you see in the screenshot:

Cost for Pavlok: international shipping, enter discount code

Once you clicked ‘Apply’, you should see the following final price:

order Pavlok: international shipping, discount code applied


Alright folks, that should be pretty much it. Hopefully this could answer your question if you should order Pavlok on or on and how much the cost for shipping is.


If you want to learn more about Pavlok and how it can help you to break your bad habits:

  • the Pavlok Amazon page can be reached here (link opens a new window)
  • the Pavlok online shop here (link opens a new window)

Please be aware that no guarantee can be given that the above data is up to date by the time you read this. Both Amazon and Pavlok have the right to change the price, delivery costs etc at any time they like. The best way to check what applies currently is to just follow the above mentioned links.