Is Apple interested in buying Pavlok?

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Is Apple ‘in town’ because they are interested in buying Pavlok? At least that’s what some people say.The wearable hasn’t even been launched and the media already talks a lot about Pavlok. The latest rumor that seems to be going around now is that Apple representatives are in Boston, the home of Pavlok, because they are interested in buying Pavlok.

Hmm… interesting thought for sure, even more so because Pavlok could be a really good fit for Apple’s HealthKit. Despite the electroshock aspect, Maneesh Sethi (the inventor of Pavlok) has made big efforts to make his activity tracker device not so much a fun gadget but connects it to science. One step within this effort was that he gave the keynote speech at the 2014 Conference of the Royal Society of Medicine in England.

It’s hard to tell how trustworthy the below source of information is, but it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise if Apple indeed had an interest in buying Pavlok. We’ll see.

(Video source: YouTube)

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