What is Pavlok?

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Pavlok (not Pavlock) is a wearable that fills a gap in the market of how to successfully change habits. Although there is no shortage anymore of wristbands that track your activities, these wristbands do exactly that: they just track your activity, not much more.

While this might be enough for some, in the end it may very likely not be what you are actually looking for when you buy an activity tracker device. Why? Because it will not necessarily help you to achieve your true goal that you had when you started to search for an activity tracker.

So, instead of merely tracking what you do, Pavlok goes a step further and adds another component: reward & punishment.

Admittedly, this might sound a bit ‘crazy’. Yet, there is good reason to believe that such an approach can really help to form good habits and/or to get rid of bad habits. And that is what Pavlok is all about: habits.

Pavlok 2 quick info
image credit: Behavioral Technology Group Inc.
the size of the goal you might get there rather quickly, especially with a device such as Pavlok.

The heart of Pavlok

At the heart of Pavlok there is, of course, lots of smart technology. While many people will probably wear it like a wristband as in the image above, the actual core of Pavlok is the following unit:

the core of the pavlok activity tracker

This is how the actual core of Pavlok looks like. Because of its small size it fits easily on your arm (e.g. inside the accessory wristband) or anywhere else on your body with the adhesive sticker patches that last up to one week. As long as it touches your skin, you are ready to use Pavlok!

The anatomy of Pavlok

Here a short overview what Pavlok offers from the technical point of view:

pavlok technical features

Pavlok takes habit forming and lifestyle change to another level. How? Find out by browsing this Pavlok info website.

Unboxing Pavlok